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Antique Jambati Singing Bowl. Notes D2 & A3A4 (Sacral & Third Eye Chakras)

Weight 3.4 kilos (7 lb 8 oz).  Size 33 x 15 cm (13 x 6 inches)

Handsome 13” 19th Century Jambati Temple Singing Bowl – Perfect Pitch F2 - inscription

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Antique Jambati Singing Bowl. Notes D2 & A3A4 (Sacral & Third Eye Chakras)

Weight 3.4 kilos (7 lb 8 oz).  Size 33 x 15 cm (13 x 6 inches)


This handsome massive antique Jambati Singing bowl dates from the 19th Century, possibly earlier.  It has a huge diameter of 13 inches, weighs 3.4 kilos, and is one of the largest antique Jambati Singing Bowls in my collection.  Antique Jambati bowls approaching anything like this size are extremely rare and sought after for their beautiful low resonant powerful voices and long sustains.  This huge superior quality bowl was probably commissioned by or for a monastery or temple, where it would have served some important ceremonial purpose.



It benefits from a large two-line dot-punched inscription set between sunflowers midway down the outer wall; a sure sign of the importance and high esteem in which this bowl was held by a former keeper.  Inscriptions are particularly rare and seldom found on Jambati bowls.  They always add interest and value.



It has a fabulous perfect pitch second octave F2 fundamental (87.3Hz) when struck with a padded mallet or played around the with a suede ringer.  The rim note changes to a nice middle octave B4 harmonic (508Hz) when played with a wooden ringer.  This is a very interesting and complex multi-harmonic bowl and quite difficult to record in a way that isolates its magnificent F2 because other harmonics are often present and picked up more easily by the microphone, including B4 (508Hz).  But in reality it is the F2 that dominates.


This bowl isresponsive and easy to play but requires a heavy suede ringer.  It’s a substantial and very heavy bowl that is best placed on a cushion for playing and will therefore be supplied with a large Tibetan silk brocade bowl cushion.



This huge Jambati bowl has been superbly crafted.  It has particularly attractive hammered walls, with the smooth band around the rim contrasting nicely with the mottled hammer marks below.  It has a smooth flat lip, a decorative band encircling the rim, and circles at the centre.


It is in an excellent state of preservation, structurally sound, clean and stain-free, with an attractive slightly matt bronze colour . 


This massive, ancient, and wonderful bowl is a unique treasure that would crown any collection!


 A Tibetan silk brocade bowl cushion, a padded striker, and 2 ringers are all included in the price.


Listen: ( 4 struck notes, 2 played notes with a suede ringer, and 1 with wood).