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THE ANTIQUE TEMPLE AND RITUAL BELLS offered for sale here were sourced in India and Nepal and date from the 18th and 19th century. They represent the finest examples of ritual bells to be found anywhere in the world.  

When you buy, handle, and ring one of these antique bells you can be confident that it is a genuine and revered holy instrument that has played an important part in countless sacred rituals and ceremonies for at least 100 years. Each bell is a fascinating and beautiful object in its own right, with the look and feel of antiquity…but perhaps more importantly, when it is rung one can sense the spiritual energy, power and purpose with which it is imbued, and the present ineffably connects to the past.


This exceptionally large, rare and beautiful antique bronze Temple Bell (Ghanta) was found in an antique shop in Kathmandu, and was very expensive.  It would have been used by a Hindu priest in the worship of Lord Vishnu or his avatars as Rama, Narasimha or Krishna, and in Puja rituals to mark life passage events such as a birth or wedding, or at the beginning of a new venture. The top of the bell is adorned with the mythical humanoid Garuda bird, Vishnu’s mount.  


The ringing of a sacred bell informs a deity of the devotee's arrival and is considered auspicious.  It is said to disengage the mind from ongoing thoughts and distractions and make it more receptive.  From the Kundalini Yoga perspective, the sound of a bell energizes Chakras and balances the distribution of energy in the body.





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Rare 18th Century Priests Temple Handbell with Back-to-Back Hanuman and Garuda Top

Antique Bronze Temple Bell with Hanuman/Garuda Top

Size: 8 ¼  x 3 ½ inches (21 x 9 cm). Weight: 1 lb 8 oz (681 grams)

Superb Antique Bronze Temple Bell with Garuda Top from Nepal

Antique Bronze Temple Bell with Garuda Top

Size: 8 ¾ x 4 inches (22 x 10.5 cm). Weight: 1 lb 5 oz (595 grams)

2 Antique Bronze Temple Hanging Shrine Bells from Nepal

Antique Bronze Temple Shrine Bells – F#6 $ D7

Size: 12cm & 10.5cm. Weight: 312 & 309 grams

Antique Bronze Temple Bell with Trishula from Nepal

Antique Bronze Temple Bell with Trishulai

Size: 8 ¾ x 4 inches (22 x 10 cm). Weight: 1 lb 4 oz (561 grams)

Primitive Antique Bronze hand-Held Shaman Bell with Trident Top

Antique Bronze Ritual Bell with Trident Top

Size: 7 ½ x 3 ¾ inches (19 x 9.5 cm). Weight: 1 lb 10 ¾ oz (758 grams)