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Newsletter 19th December 2022Sent on 19 December 2022HIMALAYAN BOWL DEALERS - INSIDER INFORMATION
Newsletter 12th December 2022Sent on 12 December 2022EVALUATION CRITERIA & PRICING OF ANTIQUE SINGING BOWLS
Newsletter 25th August 2022Sent on 25 August 2022SUMMER SALE 25% OFF EVERYTHING - ALL PROCEEDS SUPPORT MY NEPALI CHARITY. Sale ends midnight 11th Sept.
Newsletter 26th August 2021Sent on 26 August 2021NEW LISTINGS OF RARE ANTIQUE BOWLS - THE FINEST SPECIMENS IN THE WORLD including huge Jambati-Lingams, Medicine & Divination Bowls, Massive Jambati, Singing Bowl Sets and More.
Newsletter 11th July 2019Sent on 11 July 2019Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to Acquire a 12-Piece Chakra Set of Antique Lingam Bowls, Set of 9 Lingam Bowls, Set of 4 Small Lingam Bowls, and Rare Large 17th, 18th and 19th Century Lingam Singing Bowls.
Newsletter 5th June 2019Sent on 05 June 2019Rare Antique Bowl Sale - 20% Off & Free Shipping. All Proceeds Going To Support My Orphanage in Nepal.
Newsletter 11th January 2019Sent on 11 January 2019Rare Antique Bowl Sale - 15% Off & Free Shipping. All Proceeds Going To Support My Orphanage in Nepal.
Newsletter 26th June 2018Sent on 26 June 2018RARE LARGE JAMBATI SINGING BOWLS, Shaman Bell Chain, Shaman Mala, Tantric Tibetan Citipati Sceptre, All Recent Listings, One Golden Angel.
Newsletter 18th February 2018Sent on 18 February 2018RARE BOWLS & TEMPLE BELLS, 3 Unique Bowls, Longest Sustain Jambati, Rare Mani Set, Extra Thick Thadobati, Temple & Shrine Bells, Rare Shamanic Phurba, Recent Listings, Singing Bowl Sets, and One Golden Angel.
Newsletter 23rd August 2017Sent on 23 August 2017Talking Bowl, Button Lingam, Huge Temple Bowl, Shaman Divination Bowl, Ceremonial Mandala Bowl, Singing/Talking/Fountain Bowl, Large and Extraordinary, Golden Thadobati, Genie Bowl, Bowl Sets, Large Jambatis, One Golden Angel, Facebook.
Newsletter 22nd June 2017Sent on 22 June 201725% OFF SUMMER SOLSTICE SALE, 50 Concert Pitch Bowls, 50 Inscribed Bowls, 50 Large Jambati Bowls, 20 Rare Lingam Bowls, 4 Rare Singing Bowl Sets. 9 Rare Remuna Bowls, and One Golden Angel.
Newsletter 17th March 2017Sent on 17 March 2017THE NAGA BOWL SETS: Matched Set of 8 Large Naga Bowls, Matched Set of 6 Medium Naga Bowls, Superlative Large Naga Bowl, One Golden Angel.
Newsletter 11th March 2017Sent on 11 March 2017THE NAGA BOWL COLLECTION, 18 Small Naga Bowls, Unlisted Bowls, 10% Off Special Offer, One Golden Angel.
Newsletter 15th February 2017Sent on 15 February 2017SALE 20% OFF - 50 LARGE JAMBATI BOWLS, 25 Rare Lingams, 13 Thadobati Bowls, 12 Large Ultabati Bowls, 19 Unusual Bowls, 7 Manipuri Bowls, 8 Rare Remuna Bowls, 10 Naga Bowls, 8 Rare Mani Bowls, 45 Concert Pitch Bowls, and ONE GOLDEN ANGEL.
Newsletter 8th November 2016Sent on 08 November 2016A PERSONAL APPEAL - Buy a Bowl and Save a Life!
Newsletter 15th September 2016Sent on 15 September 2016A Manipuri Moment, Superlative Golden Lingams, Recent Jambati Listings, Special Offer (Shaman Bowl), Nepal Update, One Golden Angel Charity.
Newsletter 12th August 2016Sent on 12 August 2016Last 3 Days of SALE, New Listings, Special Offer, Nepal Again, One Golden Angel - The Name.
Newsletter 5th August 2016Sent on 05 August 2016NEWS & 10 DAY SALE - 25% Discount on Lingams and 15% off all other bowls. 40% off Buddha Bowl. Beware Fake Lingams, One Golden Angel Charity. Sale exclusive to Newsletter Subscribers.
Newsletter 28th June 2015Sent on 27 June 2015CONTENTS: Inscribed and Engraved Antique Bowls, 16 Inscribed Bowls, This Week's Special Offer, Two Perfect Pitch Antique Bowls.
Newsletter 12th June 2015Sent on 12 June 2015CONTENTS: Take a Closer Look, This Week's Special Offer, How to Spot a Fake Antique Bowl, A Cracking Good Collection, 3 Fabulous New Arrivals and Himalayan Sad Archer Phurba.
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