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The only website in the world dedicated exclusively to the rarest of Tibetan Singing Bowls

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UPDATE:  This new LINGAM WEBSITE is temporarily on hold while I endeavour to establish, in my wife's memory, the 'One Golden Angel' EMERGENCY SHELTER for trafficking survivors in Nepal.


These are sexually exploited minors and young women NEWLY RESCUED from the adult entertainment industry, and in immediate need of a SAFE HOUSE, counselling and care, before referral to a permanent residental shelter or possible reintegration with their families.


My hope is for ONE GOLDEN ANGEL to rent, furnish and equip secure premises for a number of temporary residents, plus a warden, and to pay for their food and upkeep, whilst working alongside a trusted NGO that will manage the project in my absence and provide the essential professional support services of healthcare and social workers, counsellors and psychologists.  The shelter will be largely funded by singing bowl sales from our collection.


Existing commitments to individuals, shelters, homes and orphanages will continue to be honoured.  More details can be found here and also on the website  


I hope to return to Nepal in October, my fifth trip this year, and will keep you posted. Fred