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Antique Naga Singing Bowl.   C#6 & C7  (Root Chakra)

Weight 285 grams (10 oz).  11 x 6 cm (approx. 4 ¼ x 2 ¼ inches)

Small Antique Naga Singing and Healing Bowl – C#6 & C7 – Inscription - Reduced

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Antique Naga Singing Bowl.   C#6 & C7  (Root Chakra)

Weight 285 grams (10 oz).  11 x 6 cm (approx. 4 ¼ x 2 ¼ inches)


This small antique Naga Singing and Healing Bowl has a sixth octave C (450Hz) fundamental when struck and a seventh octave C (2050Hz) when played around the rim.  Both notes are very nice.  It’s a responsive little bowl and easy to play. 



This is a beautiful example of the Naga bowl form with finely forged walls and the colour, patina and feel of antiquity. 


It is also benefits from a nice inscription set between two lotus flowers.  Unfortunately this really nice little bowl has been dropped at some time, causing a small split in the wall. It can be seen in the bottom left of the multi-photo (click to enlarge). It still sings sweetly, but I have reduced the price to reflect the damage.  A ringer is included in the price.


Note: Audio clips coming soon.