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Rare Antique Himalayan Bird Phurba

Length 13 ¾ inches (35 cm) excluding rag.


Spectacular and Unique Large Antique Himalayan Healing Bird Phurba

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Rare Antique Himalayan Bird Phurba

Length 13 ¾ inches (35 cm) excluding rag.


This antique healing phurba is simply unique.  I once owned probably one of the largest private collections of rare wooden phurbas in the world, having collected them for 30 years, but have never before come across one like this.  Unfortunately, neither had the Nepali antique dealer from whom I purchased it at an eye-watering price.  However, I simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to acquire such a rare and fascinating ritual object.



It is of a type used for healing.  What makes it so special is the huge ornamented bird that it features, measuring 8 inches (20cm) from beak to tail.  This would more normally be a crown or small animal such as a tiger or monkey that sits above the head of a deity to form part of the hilt of the ritual dagger.


The bird is very characterful and has a real presence.  It is carved in wood, probably rosewood, and has been ornamented and wrapped in finely cut and pressed brass, something I have never seen before on a phurba.  The bird’s legs run either side of the phurba’s top and just above the four carved faces of its deity, below which is a carved vajra (thunderbolt) leading to a tip that has been wrapped in metal to protect its point when the dagger is thrust into the ground for protection or to pin down or earth negative forces.


The lengths of rag tied to rings attached to both of the bird’s wings are strips of clothing or sacking belonging to people that the shaman has treated. 


This rare museum quality antique phurba has the patina of long use, and looks and feels like the powerful object of transformation that it is.