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Four Old Himalayan Tingshaw Sets

Four Old Himalayan Tingshaw

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Four Old Himalayan Tingshaw Sets


These four Tingshaw sets were found together in Nepal and are believed to be quite old, possibly even antique.  They differ slightly one from another in appearance, and each set makes a different sound (A6, F#6, G6 and G#6).   They have an average diameter of 4 inches (10cm).  One set has a long dot-punched inscription on each piece.  All four sets appear to have been restrung.



They are absolutely nothing like the modern mass-produced cast and embossed Tingshaw that one sees everywhere on eBay, or in Google Images for example.  These commercial products have a bright sound and are typically quite thick and smooth.  They are mainly manufactured in India.


These Tingshaw sets are a completely different kettle of fish…they sound different, some are hand cut and shaped, and beaten flat.  They look and sound rather like small cymbals.  I have no idea about their use in healing work and believe they are primarily used to punctuate time and focus attention during meditation.  I am reluctant to split them up as they look and work so well together.