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20th Century Jambati Singing Bowl – E2 (84Hz) Solar Plexus Chakra
Weight 2.78 kilos (6 lb 1½ oz).  Size 12¾ x 6 inches (32.5 x 15.5 cm)

Huge 20th Century 12¾-inch Jambati Singing Bowl – E2 (84Hz)

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20th Century Jambati Singing Bowl – E2 (84Hz) Solar Plexus Chakra
Weight 2.78 kilos (6 lb 1½ oz).  Size 12¾ x 6 inches (32.5 x 15.5 cm)


As a specialist in antique bowls I wouldn’t normally consider acquiring a 20th century example, but one of my shippers ‘inadvertently’ slipped several into my last consignment, and frankly I was astonished by the superb quality of craftsmanship and genuinely impressed with the excellence of their sound.  Perhaps not quite as rich and multi-layered as an antique bowl…but it would take a reasonably practiced ear to tell the difference, and traditional hand-beaten bowls of this fine quality will undoubtedly become the gems of the future. 


This is one of the bowls…a huge and heavy hand-beaten golden Jambati that is virtually identical in appearance to some of its antique ancestors but cleaner and brighter, and its walls have none of the worn-down smoothness and the little blemishes that come with long-term use.  This 20th century bowl sings an excellent second octave E (84Hz) when struck or played with a suede ringer.  The rim note changes to a 5th octave C (516Hz) if a wooden ringer is used.  This is a premium quality example, and an equivalent 18th or 19th century bowl in tip-top condition would cost twice as much!


This singing bowl with its single Photograph and Basic Description is temporarily available at a GENEROUS 15% DISCOUNT prior to being fully appraised and written up.

BUY THIS BOWL NOW and use this brief window of opportunity to SAVE 15% before it is re-listed on the website at full price.

Note:  It takes several hours work to photograph, record, weigh, measure and fully appraise a singing bowl before it is finally written up and listed on this website.  The Preview Page is therefore a temporary home and bowls will be removed and re-listed under their Bowl Type at the NORMAL PRICE once this work has been completed.  It is unlikely that this superb antique bowl will remain here very long…so grab yourself a bargain now