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Rare Naga Chromatic/Chakra Set of 12 Small Singing Bowls

Rare Naga Chromatic/Chakra Set of 12 Small Singing Bowls

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Rare Naga Chromatic/Chakra Set of 12 Small Singing Bowls


This is a rare opportunity to acquire a chromatic/chakra set of 12 small antique Naga or Pedestal singing bowls…the first complete set I have been able to assemble in almost 30 years of collecting and dealing in singing bowls. 


Bowl diameters are among the smallest to be found in this rare bowl form, ranging from 4 to 5½ inches.  Their weights are between 198 and 558 grams (about 9½ to 19½ ounces), while their notes span the 5th and 6th octaves.  All 12 bowls are in good condition and in good voice. 


Their small size and portability will particularly appeal to sound therapists and Feng Shui practitioners who attend to their clients needs at home.


Details as follows: 

01). Note C6 Weight 340g Diameter 4¼ inches
02). Note C#6 Weight 306g Diameter 4 inches
03). Note D5 Weight 342g Diameter 4 inches
04). Note Eb5 Weight 273g Diameter 4 inches
05). Note E6 Weight 361g Diameter 4½ inches
06). Note F6 Weight 358g Diameter 4 inches
07). Note F#6 Weight 403g Diameter 4 inches
08). Note G5 Weight 472g Diameter 5½ inches
09). Note G#6 Weight 373g Diameter 4 inches
10). Note A5 Weight 558g Diameter 5½ inches
11). Note Bb6 Weight 374g Diameter 4¼ inches
12). Note B5 Weight 198g Diameter 4 inches


Note: This set is tuned to the rim note using a wooden ringer (best for small Naga/Pedestal bowls)