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3 Antique Ritual Shaman Handbells

Diameter 13 cm (5 ¼ inches), Weight 945 grams (2 lb. 1 ¼ oz)

Collection of 3 Rare Antique Bronze Ritual Hand-Bells Made by Shaman for Own Use

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3 Antique Ritual Shaman Handbells

Diameter 13 cm (5 ¼ inches), Weight 945 grams (2 lb. 1 ¼ oz)


This is a rare opportunity to acquire a collection of 3 unique antique handbells each individually sculpted and cast in bronze by a shaman for their own ritual and ceremonial use.



Each bell was modelled in wax and cast in a home-made molten bronze alloy in primitive conditions, probably at the shaman’s home, and their lack of expertise is reflected in the imperfections of the resulting cast.  It is also a part of their immense charm.  Each bell is unlike any other and uniquely personal.  Each is a primitive work of art with a ritual function and purpose.


It’s important to bear in mind that, as with all shamanic ritual tools, they must preferably be personally made by the shaman to reflect and portray the self, a particular guru, guide, ancestor or deity associated with their calling and tradition.



All three bells have beautiful and evocative voices that complement each other. They are supplied in their uncleaned 'as found' condition, and are virtually perfect (as made) beneath an aged patina.  They have the look and feel of great antiquity and purpose, and it has been a privilage to have been their keeper.


The Bells (left to right):


1). Praying Shaman/Guru, Eb5 (1235Hz), 16 x 8 cm (6 ¼ x 3 ¼ inches), 373 grams.


2). Trident & 2 Praying Shaman/Guru, F#6 (1474Hz), 20 x 7 cm (8 x 2 ¾ inches), 365 grams.


3).  Praying Shaman/Guru, F7 (2085Hz), 16 x 9 cm (6 ¼ x 3 ½ inches), 408 grams.


It’s extraordinary to think that each of these little handbells has accompanied a Himalayan shaman throughout their lifetime, and they have been rung on literally tens of thousands of occasions to summon a deity or punctuate a significant event such as a healing, a birth, a marriage or a passing.


These 3 antique shaman bells are offered at a reduced priced as a group but I would consider selling them separately if necessary, in which case their prices are (1) £350, (2) £450, (3) £500.


Note: I have been collecting Himalayan Shaman Bells for well over 30 years and will be listing others for sale from time to time as I downsize and refine my collection.  Please message me if you wish to see others.