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Antique Magical Protective Tibetan Shaman Mala

Rare Antique Tibetan Tamang Protective Shaman Mala with Vajra

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Antique Magical Protective Tibetan Shaman Mala


This is a very rare antique Shaman Mala from the ethnic Tibetan Tamang people of Nepal, and worn for protection.  It is one of two sacred Shaman Mala that were sourced together, and is one of the finest examples of its kind that I have come across in over 30 years of collecting. 



This interesting antique Mala is strung with 83 natural black seeds of the sacred Rittha soap-nut plant, interspersed with magical objects.   It features at its centre a carved wooden vajra or dorje (thunderbolt) measuring 10 cm (4 inches) representing limitless energy and power.  This is flanked by two different types of deer horn used for channelling and directing energy for healing, and also for piecing, cutting and pinning down negative forces. 



On either side above the horns are two iron discs the larger of which is incised on one side with a moon symbol, while the smaller disc has a sun motif.  Above the Sun is another deer horn, and above the Moon a really lovely single-slit (female) bell featuring an inscription and moon.  At the very top of this wonderful mala are 3 soap-nut beads separated from the rest of the necklace by a small bone disc that I believe to have been cut from a human skull.


This rare protective Mala (and its partner) probably dates from the 1800s and is in excellent museum quality condition.  It weighs 265 grams (9 ¼ oz) and if opened as a single strand it would measure approximately 100cm (40 inches).