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Carved Wood Set of 2 Antique Shaman Phurbas

13 x 2¼ inches (33.5 x 6 cm) and 12½ x 1½  inches (32 x 4 cm)

Rare Pair of Antique Shaman Phurbas

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Carved Wood Set of 2 Antique Shaman Phurbas

13 x 2¼ inches (33.5 x 6 cm) and 12½ x 1½  inches (32 x 4 cm)


These two antique wooden Phurbas were undoubtedly carved by the same hand, most probably that of the shaman who used them as part of a larger set of ritual tools.  Wooden Phurbas like these are favoured for healing and energetic work, and I myself was recently asked to grip a wooden phurba between my hands during a shamanic healing ritual in Nepal.


Both of these carved Phurbas depict a shaman sitting in the lotus position, with hands together in prayer.  They both wear a bell chain around their necks; an essential shamanic tool and an identifying symbol on carved and cast human images from the Himalayan region.


The larger of the two figures is the more complex and detailed.  The hands are held away from the body and there is a small space between them that makes it possible to wrap some copper wire bracelets around the wrists.  There are tiny holes in the ears to accommodate copper earrings, and a hand-made iron ring-pin has been pushed into the head so that a headdress can be attached. 


The headdress is in two parts and comprises the following…a short string of tiny green and red cut-glass beads, and a separate string of three beads consisting of a small coral bead, a hand-made ceramic bead and a Rudraksha seed (as used in mala prayer beads).  Finally there are a number of torn fragments of talismanic cloth that have been taken from clients and used in healing rituals.  The head of the slimmer figure has a carved topknot to which talismanic items can be attached.


Both Phurbas have Garuda (mythical bird) Makaras above their three-sided blades.  The larger Phurba has an ivy pot carved on two sides, and entwined Nagas on the other.  The smaller (thinner) Phurba depicts a single Naga snake on two sides and a fish on the other.  Both Phurbas also feature a sunrise and a sunset, and both have their wooden points wrapped in metal for protection when driven into the ground.


Two superb, rare, and powerful ritual tools of healing and transformation!

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