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Antique Shaman Phurba (Ritual Dagger) 

Length: 28cm (11 inches), Carved Wood

Superb Rare Antique Jhakri/Shaman Phurba from Nepal

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Antique Shaman Phurba (Ritual Dagger) 

Length: 28cm (11 inches), Carved Wood


This is a highly collectable antique wooden Jhakri or shaman’s phurba (ritual dagger) from Nepal. The hilt depicts a shaman or his or her guru wearing a mala necklace and praying.  He kneels upon on a coiled snake, beneath which is an elephant makara (mythical sea creature) and a 3-sided blade carved with sacred symbols.



The two front-facing facets of the blade are carved with a pair of entwined snakes, while the one at the back features a bird, a bhumpa (ritual offering vase) and more entwined snakes.


A small iron pin on the guru’s head is threaded with some fragments of ritual cloth and two red coral beads.  Another strip of cloth is tied around his waist.


The tip of this interesting power object has been wrapped in metal to protect the point when it is ritually thrust into the ground.  


This antique phurba is in excellent museum quality condition and has the patina of long use and antiquity.


A fabulous, rare and unusual example of a shaman phurba used for transformation, healing and protection.

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