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Antique Tibetan Phurbas


A phurba or phurpa is an essential ritual tool or ceremonial dagger used by a Tibetan or Nepalese shaman to direct positive energy and battle negative forces.  Shaman carve and empower their own wooden phurbas after a period of meditation, and then continue to carry and use them throughout their lifetime.  Old phurbas frequently have bindings of thread or fragments of talismanic cloth attached, and many show battle scars and signs of wear and tear.  Wooden phurbas are favoured for healing and energetic work.


Virtually all the phurbas on the market today are reproductions.  Genuine old phurbas are few and far between and are highly prized by collectors.  All our phurbas are genuine antiques that were personally collected in Nepal in the 1980s and 90s.  They were chosen for their aesthetic quality and intrinsic interest, as well as their authenticity and cultural significance.  We have attempted to describe them accurately to the best of our ability, and they are presented here exactly as found...unrestored and unpolished!   We felt it important not to tamper with such precious, powerful, and magical ritual tools unnecessarily!


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Bhutanese Carved Bone Shaman’s Phurba or Ritual Dagger With Skull Motif

Rare Bhutanese Carved Bone Shaman Phurba with Skull Motif

Length 22.5 cm (9 inches)

Rare Antique Carved Wood Elephant Phurba or Shaman’s Ritual Dagger

Antique Elephant Phurba or Shaman’s Ritual Dagger 

Size: 22.5 x 9.5 cm (9.5 x 3 ¾ inches)

Incredible Bhutanese Hand-Carved Bone Shaman Phurba or Ritual Dagger

Bhutanese Hand-Carved Bone Shaman Phurba

Length 28cm (11 inches)

Rare Tibetan Quartz Crystal & Silver Shaman’s Guru Phurba

Rare Quartz Crystal & Silver Shaman’s Guru Phurba

Length 20cm (8 inches) 

Rare Antique Tibetan Tamang Shaman Mala with Phurba & Conch

Antique Magical Protective Shaman Mala

£650.00 £410.00
Fabulous Rare Pair of Antique Tibetan Shaman Phurba – Carved Deer Horn

Unique Set of 2 Antique Tibetan Shaman Phurba in Deer Horn

Weight: 135 & 76 grams.  Length: 28.5 cm & 19.5 cm

£1,875.00 £1,500.00
Rare Large Ceremonial Antique Winged Deity Shaman Phurba

Rare Large Winged Deity Phurba

Size 33 x 16 cm (11 x 6 ½ inches) weight 258 grams (9 oz)


Unique Set of 2 Antique Shaman Phurba in Copper

Unique Set of 2 Antique Shaman Copper Phurba

Weight: 845 & 576 grams.  Size: 20 x 5.5 cm & 19 x 4.5 cm

Rare & Intrically Carved Antique Shaman Phurba

Rare Carved Rosewood Shaman Phurba

Length 10 ¾ inches (27.5 cm)

Rare Antique Shaman Eye Phurba

Rare Antique Shaman Eye Phurba

Length 11 ½ inches (32 cm)

Rare 19th Century Shaman Phurba With Animal Motifs

Rare Antique Shaman Phurba – Length12 inches (30.5 cm)

Rare Pair of Antique Shaman Phurbas

Carved Wood Set of 2 Antique Shaman Phurbas

13 x 2¼ inches (33.5 x 6 cm) and 12½ x 1½  inches (32 x 4 cm)

Shamanic Ceremonial Horseman Phurba

Carved Wood Ceremonial Horseman Phurba

Length 14 x Width 3 ¼ x Depth 1 ¼ inches

(L35.5 x W8 x D3 cm)