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Old Javan Wayang Klitik Puppet

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Old Javan Wayang Klitik Puppet
40 x 19 cm (16 x 7.5 inches)


An old wooden Wayang Klitik puppet from central Java.  It depicts a fairly refined but angry male character armed with a kris (dagger) and wearing a sarong.  It is very nicely carved in low relief from teak wood, and painted and gilded.  The puppet is identical on both sides. The jointed arms are made of hide, and are manipulated by bamboo sticks attached to the hands.


Wayang klitik puppets, unlike wayang kulit (leather shadow puppets) are operated directly in front of the audience, and without a screen.    Performances are rare these days, and old wayang klitik puppets are increasingly difficult to find.


This puppet is in very good condition for its age (circa 1950).  Wayang Klitik puppets display very well on a wall, either individually or in pairs (another from this set may still be available).

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