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Guardian Figures with Underworld Crocodiles - Offers Invited

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Male and Female Seated Guardian Figures with Underworld Crocodiles
35 x 11 x 6cm (13.75 x 4.25 x 2.5 inches)


A remarkable pair of stylized male and female seated guardian figures each with their hands together and with underworld or after-life crocodiles on their shoulders.  The figures are virtually identical apart from the genitals which are carved in bone or possibly ivory (their eyes are also inset with the same material).


The craftsmanship is simply superb, with wonderful attention to form and detail.  The figures have very interesting profiles and display well as a pair.  However, with their stylized form and crocodiles they look great from just about any angle.  They are carved in a beautifully-grained and polished hardwood that has acquired a rich golden brown colour and patina over the years.


These remarkable figures are in perfect condition.  They were purchased from an antique dealer in Bali, Indonesia, and have been in our private collection and displayed at home for almost 25 years.  Their precise age and function is unknown but they are believed to have come from the island of Leti.


This pair of fascinating carvings are among our very favourite items in the collection.


Offers are Invited for the Pair

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