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Playful Pregnant Nude (Circa 1970s)

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Playful Pregnant Nude (Circa 1970s)

23cm (9 inches)


This expressive carving of a playful pregnant sitting woman is sure to make you smile.  She rests her head on her right shoulder and, with a cheeky smile, squeezes her left nipple between a finger and thumb.


It was carved in the 1970s by Wayan Dania of Mas, and purchased from the artist’s family home in Bali in the early 1990s.  Wayan Dania is a highly regarded member of a family of Master Carvers noted for their original, distinctive and humorous wood carvings of ordinary people, and their work has become highly collectable.


This charming figure is carved in jackwood, a strong durable wood that begins life a lemon yellow colour but darkens to a light golden brown with age.  The carving has a barely noticeable old and stable surface crack between her ear and thumb, and is otherwise perfect.


The Balinese rarely sign their work unless requested to do so by collectors and art galleries.  Wayan Dania is quite famous in Bali, and this carving is signed Wyn Dania on the bottom.