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Antique Naga Singing Bowl - Powerful Voice

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Antique Himalayan Naga Singing and Healing Bowl.  C & F Notes (Root & Heart Chakras)
Weight 2 lb 0½ oz (924g).   16 ½ x 11½ cm (approx. 6 ½ x 4 ½ inches)


This is a large and responsive good quality antique pedestal or Naga Singing Bowl with a powerful voice. Its excellent fundamental harmonic is a mid octave C whether struck with a padded mallet or played around the rim with a suede ringer, but the rim note changes to a fifth octave F if a wooden ringer is used.


This is a solidly constructed bowl, a little heavier and lower than usual, with clean even walls and a regular lip.  The smooth outer wall is nicely decorated with four pairs of engraved lines forming a collar just below the rim.  The basin is nicely curved and balanced, the widest part of this bowl being around its middle.


Listen (struck and played notes)