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Large Jambati Singing Bowl.  F3 (176/9Hz) Heart Chakra

Weight 4 lb 14 ½ oz (2.2 Kilos).  28 x 13 cm (approx. 11 x 5 inches)

Top Quality 11” 20th Century Jambati Singing Bowl – F3 (176/9Hz) & Inscription

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Large Jambati Singing Bowl.  F3 (176/9Hz) Heart Chakra

Weight 4 lb 14 ½ oz (2.2 Kilos).  28 x 13 cm (approx. 11 x 5 inches)


A large top quality 20th century Jambati Singing Bowl with a beautiful shape and a very attractive hammered surface.  It has a triangulated lip, with deeply incised decorative bands below the rim, and circles at its centre.  This bowl has a really excellent voice with a long sustain when struck or played around the rim…a third octave F (176/9Hz).  It also has a stunning C5 (538Hz) harmonic that can be brought out.  There is a small inscription, and it is in perfect structural condition, clean and golden bronze. If this had been an antique bowl it would have been twice the price.


Listen: (2 struck notes and 1 played note)


This antique singing bowl with its single Photograph and Basic Description is temporarily available at a GENEROUS 15% DISCOUNT prior to being fully appraised and written up.

BUY THIS BOWL NOW and use this brief window of opportunity to SAVE 15% before it is re-listed on the website at full price.

Note:  It takes several hours work to photograph, record, weigh, measure and fully appraise a singing bowl before it is finally written up and listed on this website.  The Preview Page is therefore a temporary home and bowls will be removed and re-listed under their Bowl Type at the NORMAL PRICE once this work has been completed.  It is unlikely that this superb antique bowl will remain here very long…so grab yourself a bargain now!