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Tibetan Manipuri Singing Bowl – E & B Notes

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Antique Tibetan Manipuri Singing Bowl.  E & B Notes (Solar Plexus & Crown Chakras)
Weight 1 lb 14 ¾ oz (872g).   20 ½ x 7 cm (approx. 8 x 2 ¾ inches)


This is a large antique Manipuri singing bowl with an excellent fundamental third octave E note when struck with a padded mallet and a very nice mid octave B flat when played around the rim…an unusual combination of notes.  This bowl is very responsive and easy to play.


This old bowl is quite weighty for its size, and in good clean condition for its age.  It has a nice golden colour and a typical Manipuri low profile with gently sloping smooth walls.  There is some decorative banding just below the outer rim, a large inscribed circle in the centre of the basin and some very faint dot patterning on the lip.  A good quality bowl with an interesting combination of voices!  A double-ended teak and suede ringer is included in the price.


Listen (struck and played notes)