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Tibetan Manipuri Singing Bowl – Haunting Tones

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Tibetan Manipuri Singing Bowl.  D & G notes (Sacral & Throat Chakras)
Weight 1 lb 10 ¾ oz (758g).   20 x 7 ¼ cm (approx. 8 x 3 inches)


An antique Tibetan Singing Bowl with the classic shallow or low Manipuri profile and fine smooth walls that gently splay out towards the rim.  This is a fairly large Manipuri singing bowl that has seen a lot of use over the years as the original forging marks have been worn smooth both inside and out, but it is still an attractive bowl with some decorative elements remaining in the centre of the basin, and a nice matt antique gold colour.


This Manipuri bowl is distinguished by its sound quality.  The fundamental struck note is a rather haunting low D sharp with a long pulsating sustain, while the rim note is a wonderfully powerful mid octave G sharp.  This is an easy bowl to play and a double-ended teak and suede ringer is included in the price.


Listen (2 struck notes and a played note)