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Antique Singing Bowl.   F3 (173/174Hz) Heart Chakra

Weight 3 lb 7¼ oz. (1.57 kilos).   Size 20 x 10 cm (approx. 8 x 4 inches)

Very Rare Perfect Pitch F3 Antique Singing Bowl – Inscription

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Antique Singing Bowl.   F3 (173/174Hz) Heart Chakra

Weight 3 lb 7¼ oz. (1.57 kilos).   Size 20 x 10 cm (approx. 8 x 4 inches)

It’s ‘touch and go’ whether I can actually part with this fabulous antique bowl…so if it resonates with you grab it quickly before I change my mind!  There have been half a dozen wonderful specimens that I regret selling, knowing as I do that I will not see their like again, but having retired and downsized our home we have resolved to sell anything that cannot readily be displayed or used…and this bowl is ‘probably’ one such possession.  The joy of retirement comes at a price!


This is the finest antique bowl of its type that I have come across in 30 years of collecting.  It has been beautifully forged (or possibly cast) and has a very graceful shape. It looks remarkably like an inverted bell with its flared rim, but it sits on an integral solid and raised base…a feature unique to this rare bowl form. 


This bowl has a stunning voice whether struck on its wall with a padded mallet or played around the rim with a ringer, both of which are supplied and included in the price.  The fundamental note is a superb third octave F (173/174Hz) that is virtually perfect concert pitch (174.6Hz).  This bowl is comfortable to hold and play, but its low centre of gravity and heavy base provide stability when playing around the rim with the bowl at rest on a cushion or mat.


This bowl is well proportioned and has an attractive simplicity of form; its height being exactly half the diameter. The rim is faintly grooved, and defined on the inside by an incised line just below the lip, while a single incised line provides a decorative collar below the outer rim.  This bowl benefits from a small engraved inscription on the outer wall…a sign that it was special to a former keeper.  There is also some evidence to suggest that the interior floor of this bowl was once inscribed but has been worn away over the years.


The condition of this wonderful old bowl is excellent.  It has a lovely antique golden bronze colour, and is free of all but the faintest stains and blemishes.  It is prettier, brighter and cleaner than the photos suggest.


Listen: (4 struck notes and 1 played note)



It has been suggested by a friend that the foot of this bowl may have been cast, so I have taken a closer look.  The walls of the bowl are regular and smooth inside and out and the raised foot or disc on which it rests looks clean and integral, with no sign of a join.  It may have been applied seperately as a solid flat disc, or as a ring with the inside filled later, except for the fact there are faint concentric circles radiating from its centre that suggest it has been turned, although they might have been applied as a decorative feature.  On the other hand the entire bowl could have been cast like a bell and then hand finished to perfection.  Either way, the craftsmanship is superb.