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Thadobati Singing Bowl - Concert Pitch B

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Antique Tibetan Thadobati Singing and Talking Bowl.  B Note (Crown Chakra)
Weight 1 lb 5oz (613g).  17.5 x 9cm  (approx. 7 x 3.5 inches)

A light-weight medium size antique singing bowl with smooth gently inward-curving high walls, with a single decorative band on the outside about a third of the way down, and several partially worn concentric circles on the inside floor.  It is very evenly forged.


This bowl has an exceptionally fine and powerful singing voice when played around the rim...a mid octave B that is virtually concert pitch, while the struck note is a third octave F.   It also has some talking ability.  This old bowl represents very good value for its generous size and excellent sound.  A double-ended teak and suede ringer is included in the price.


Listen (struck note and 2 played notes with leather and wooden ringers)



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