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Small/Medium Naga Singing Bowl with Very Superior Sound!

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Antique Naga Singing & Healing Bowl.  F#4 & Bb5 Notes (Heart & Crown Chakras)
Weight 1 lb 1oz (484g).   12.5 x 8 cm (approx. 5 x 3 ¼ inches)


This small to medium size antique Naga Singing and Healing Bowl has an incredible voice.  The struck note is an excellent mid octave F# that’s close to concert pitch; but the rim note is simply spectacular!  This is a stunning fifth octave Bb that is powerful, piercing and penetrating…with a pulsating sustain that goes on and on.  This is undoubtedly a superior singing bowl.


It is solidly constructed and has classic Naga proportions.    It has nicely incised decorative banding below the outer rim and is clean and in excellent structural condition.   A double-ended teak and suede ringer is included in the price.


I totally recommend this bowl…buy it now before someone else does!


Listen: (2 struck notes and 2 played notes with long sustains)


Note: There is a small irregular area inside the basin of this bowl, slightly off centre, that looks a little different from the surrounding metal.  I have seen this in other Naga bowls but have no definitive explanation to offer.  It could have resulted from an impurity in the metal alloy, an un-melted piece of copper, tin or lead, or perhaps a blister or air bubble that was filled during or immediately after the forging process, I simply don’t know.  But in every case I have come across it has been confined to the inside of the bowl and cannot be seen or felt on the outside.  I mention this simply because it is there, and you will notice it on close inspection.  However, this is not a damaged bowl that has been repaired, and there is no discernable impact on the quality of its sound, which is amazing.