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10 Inch Ultabati Singing Bowl – Concert Pitch C3 & Fountains

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Himalayan Ultabati Singing & Fountain Bowl.  C3 Note (Root Chakra)

Weight 3 lb 1 ½ oz (1.41 Kilos).  16 x 12.5 cm (approx. 10 x 5 inches)


The first thing that strikes you about this old Himalayan Singing Bowl is its unusual and beautiful form.  The second is its handcrafted look and feel…it’s weight, the quality of workmanship, and its lovely golden colour.  And finally the sound…a superb third octave C that is virtually concert pitch when struck or played around the rim.  With a little water inside, this bowl is also capable of producing nice fountains.


With a 10 inch diameter this is quite a large bowl, but not unduly heavy for its size…making it relatively easy to hold and play for an extended period of time without tiring.  It has quite a lot of decorative features for an Ultabati too…with nicely incised lines both inside and out, and it is in very good shape for its age, being structurally sound and with barely any stains or blemishes.


This is certainly one of the oldest and nicest Ultabati singing bowls in our collection!


Listen: (2 struck notes and 1 played note)