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Rare Tibetan Lingam Singing Bowl – B3 Note

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Antique Tibetan Lingam Singing Bowl.  B Note (Crown Chakra)
Weight 2 lb 1 oz (932g).   18 x 8 cm (approx. 7 x 3 ¼ inches)


This is a large old Tibetan Lingam Singing Bowl with an excellent singing voice…a low third octave B fundamental note when struck with a padded mallet or played around the rim with a ringer.


It is a well-made and nicely proportioned bowl with gently curved walls and a level rim, and has a strong and well-formed lingam at its centre that is matched by a deep navel on the underside.  The bowl is structurally sound, with walls that are smooth, sensual, and pleasant to the touch.


This rare Lingam bowl has an uncommon silvery bronze colour and an interesting and highly unusual marbled and flame-like patina both inside and out.  I cannot imagine when or how it acquired this finish, which now appears to be an integral part of the bronze itself rather than an applied effect or substance.  I do not know if it came about during the forging process or later in its life, but it certainly adds interest and character to the bowl without impacting on its structural integrity or the quality of its sound.


Listen: (2 struck notes and 2 played notes)