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Rare Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl – Unique Concert Pitch Voice

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Unusual Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl.   Bb3 Note (Crown Chakra)
Weight 2 lb 0 oz (894g).   21 x 7 cm (approx. 8 ¼ x 2 ¾ inches)


This antique singing bowl has a very rare and beautiful low profile and an absolutely wonderful struck fundamental note…a low and virtually concert pitch Bb3.  The note is the same if played around the rim with a suede ringer, but changes to a 5th octave F if a wooden one is used.  However, when the bowl is placed on a cushion and struck on the rim with a padded mallet the sound is exceptionally pure and special, with a long sustain.  This bowl would be perfect for beginning and ending a meditation.


This is an exceptionally well-made bowl with a unique shallow form.  It has a slightly bulbous belly and a wide flat out-turned lip.  There are two pairs of decorative incised lines on the outer wall, just below the rim, and about halfway down.  The bowl is in excellent structural condition and has a nice golden colour.


A Tibetan brocade bowl cushion, a padded striker, and a double-ended teak and suede ringer are all included in the price.


Listen: (3 struck notes and 1 played note)



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