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Versatile Antique Manipuri Singing Bowl – Low Bb2 Note

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Antique Manipuri Singing Bowl.  B Note (Crown Chakra)
Weight 1 lb 15 ¾ oz (900g).   23 x 8 cm (approx. 9 x 3 ¼ inches)


This is a large and versatile antique Manipuri Singing Bowl with an unusually low second octave Bb fundamental note accompanied by a subtle mid octave F harmonic when struck with a padded mallet.  The struck note has a good sustain.  The rim note is an excellent low Bb2 (Crown Chakra) when played with a suede ringer, but the note changes to an E4 if a wooden ringer is used (Solar Plexus Chakra).


Manipuri Singing BowlThis bowl is generously decorated with incised banding forming a collar below the outer rim and high up on the inside wall, and there are several concentric circles in the centre of the basin.  The inner pair of circles being originally decorated with sun motifs (punched dots within circles) but now only the punched centres remain.  The fine rim is decorated with punched dots.


There are some interesting ritual or ceremonial gashes set between a pair of incised lines that encircle the bowl’s outer wall.  These are evenly spaced around the bowl in groups of four or five.  Their purpose is uncertain but they add interest and character to a bowl.


This old bowl has seen a lot of use over the years but it remains structurally sound and in good condition for its age.  It has a bright golden colour and is virtually free of stains and blemishes.


Listen: (3 struck notes and 2 played notes with suede and wooden ringers)