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Rare Huge 14 ¼ inch Jambati Singing Bowl – G#2 Perfection!

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Rare Antique Jambati Singing Bowl.  G#2 Note (Throat Chakra)
Weight 8 lb 1 oz. (3.66 Kilos).   36 x 7 cm (approx. 14 ¼ x 6 ¾ inches)


Jambati Tibetan Singing BowlThis is an exceptional and outstanding antique Jambati singing bowl of the highest quality…the result of a long-term and ongoing bowl search for the most magnificent, majestic and musical of singing bowls from the Himalayas.  Bowl searches are normally exclusively carried out for collector clients seeking a particular premium quality antique bowl type, size or note, but just occasionally something special is found for myself, and this is one such example.


Bowls of this caliber are few and far between and very rarely come onto the market.  This spectacular bowl is more than equal to anything in our own collection, and would sit comfortably among the finest collections anywhere in the world.


This is a really huge and heavy bowl with a massive presence.  It has a diameter of 14 ¼ inches and weighs over 8 pounds.  It has a deep full body, a wide triangulated lip, several boldly incised decorative bands that form a collar below the outer rim, and large concentric circles at its centre.  It also benefits from an inscription set between the bands of the collar.


Jambati Tibetan Singing BowlThe fundamental struck note is an incredibly beautiful low pulsating second octave G# that goes on and on.  The played note is the same superb G#2 but with multiple subtle harmonic overtones that rhythmically weave in and out as one plays around the rim with a heavy suede ringer.  They can also be heard in the sustain that follows after the beater or ringer is lifted from the bowl.


This stunning old Jambati ticks all the boxes…great quality, good looks, excellent condition and, above all, a wonderful voice.  I cannot speak more highly of it.  This is a bowl that will be of particular interest to the serious collector or specialist practitioner.  It would not be out of place in a temple.


Listen: (3 struck notes and 2 played notes)