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Jambati Singing & Fountain Bowl – Superb Low Bb2 & Inscription

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Antique Jambati Singing & Fountain Bowl.  B Note (Crown Chakra)
Weight 5 lb 1 ½ oz (2.31 kilos).   28 x 15.5 cm (approx. 11 x 5 ½ inches)


Jambati Tibetan Singing BowlThis is a large and outstanding antique Jambati singing bowl with a fantastic low voice…a sonorous and pulsating 2nd octave Bb fundamental with a long sustain when struck with a padded mallet.  It sings the same lovely note when played around the rim with a suede ringer.


This bowl has multiple interesting and subtle harmonic overtones, in particular an F3 or F4 with the struck note and a low A2 when playing around the rim.  With a little water inside it is also capable of producing some great fountains.  This bowl also benefits from a small inscription.


The quality of this large old bowl is quite exceptional, and its state of preservation is second to none.  It has the most attractive small hammer marks covering its entire surface inside and out.  It has a strong level lip and nicely incised decorative banding forming a collar below the outer rim, and concentric circles at its centre.  The colour is an antique golden bronze with the subtle patina of age.


This is THE archetypal antique Jambati Singing Bowl – handsome, impressive, and magnificently musical…simply superb!


A brocade Tibetan bowl cushion, a padded striker, and a heavy teak and suede ringer are included in the price.


Listen: (2 struck and 2 played notes)




Jambati Tibetan Singing BowlNote: As this is an unusually heavy bowl there will be a surcharge to cover the additional cost of shipping and insurance to destinations outside the UK.  Overseas buyers will later be invoiced at cost for any shipping and insurance shortfall (estimated to be around $100 to USA and Canada).

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