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Old Himalayan Ultabati ‘Caldron’ Singing Bowl – Very Low D2 Note

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Large Himalayan Ultabati Singing Bowl.  D Note (Sacral Chakra)
Weight 4 lb 0 oz (1.81 Kilos).   28.5 x 14 cm (approx. 11 ¼ x 5 ½ inches)


This old caldron-shaped Himalayan Ultabati singing bowl has lots of vibrational energy and a wonderfully low voice…a second octave D when stuck with a padded mallet or played around the rim with a heavy suede ringer.


Ultabati Singing BowlThe D2 fundamental struck note is accompanied by multiple harmonics including Eb2 and A3, and although it is the latter that appears dominant in the first two clips of our audio recording (below), it is actually the powerful low D that one hears when the bowl is physically present.  The low growling and resonant OM-like D2 is unmistakable when the bowl is played around the rim (clip 3)…haunting and mysterious!  With a little water inside, this bowl will also produce fountains.


This is a well-made bowl with the typical Ultabati form…an outward-sloping lip, a waisted rim, incised circles at its centre, and a full body in good condition.  It is relatively light for its large size, has an attractive shape, and the black of the basin contrasts with the silvery gold of the collar and the interior of the bowl.


A large brocade bowl cushion, a heavy padded striker, and a large ringer are included in the price.


Listen: (2 struck notes and 1 played note)