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Very Large Naga Singing Bowl – Fs4 Note & Inscription

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Antique Naga Singing & Healing Bowl.  F Note (Heart Chakra)
Weight 2 lb 13 ¼ oz (1.29 Kilos).   19 x 13 cm (approx. 7 ½ x 5 inches)


This is without doubt one of the finest Naga bowls I have come across…the quality of workmanship is second to none, and its singing voice is exceptional.   This is an unusually large and heavy bowl.  The walls are noticeably thicker than usual, the lip is wider, level and grooved, and the decorative banding below the outer rim is nicely incised and bolder.  There are two small concentric circles in the centre of the basin.  The pedestal is of an even thickness and strongly attached to the body of the bowl.  The quality of build is outstanding, but it is also beautifully proportioned and has lots of aesthetic appeal.


Naga Singing BowlsThis old Naga bowl is also very responsive and eager to sing.  The fundamental note is a fantastic powerful and penetrating mid octave F Sharp.  The note is the same whether struck with a padded mallet or played around the rim.


The condition of this Naga is excellent, but there is one very minor cosmetic issue.  At some time in its life a small (1 x 1½ inch) rectangular sticky label has been attached to the side of the bowl, leaving a stain on its surface (see left side of photo top left).  The worst has been removed with solvents, but the process has cleaned and polished that part of the bowl so it looks a little shinier and brighter than the surrounding area.  I mention this in order to be thorough in my description, but in truth it’s a very minor issue that would probably not matter in the slightest to most collectors or practitioners.


Make no mistake…this is an exceptionally handsome top-quality bowl with the most exquisite voice!   It also benefits from an excellent inscription just below the banded collar.


Listen: (2 struck notes and 1 rim note)



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