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Antique Water Bowl. Notes D3 & G4 (Sacral & Throat Chakras)

Weight 685 grams (1 lb 8 oz). Size 13.5 x 6 cm (8 ½ x 2 ¼ inches)

Rare 17th-18th Century Shaman Talking/Water Spirit Bowl – Uniquely Percussive

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Antique Water Bowl. Notes D3 & G4 (Sacral & Throat Chakras)

Weight 685 grams (1 lb 8 oz). Size 13.5 x 6 cm (8 ½ x 2 ¼ inches)


This is one of the rarest and most interesting antique bowls in my entire collection, and the buyer will have something very special indeed.  It is a shaman’s Talking or Water Bowl, sometimes known as a Water Spirit Bowl, used to enter the spirit world and/or communicate with ancestral spirits.  At other times it may be used as a medicine or divination bowl, and a singing bowl too, although they may not be its primary functions.



Water or Talking Bowls produce a variety of mysterious other-worldly sounds when struck and played or rocked with a little water inside. One needs to experiment with the water level to achieve the best result.  The fundamental struck and played note (suede ringer), without water, is a third octave D3 (144Hz).  The rim note changes to G4 (392Hz) with a wooden ringer.



However, having experimented with the bowl, I am personally convinced that it also served as a ceremonial percussive instrument, and was struck drum-like and alternately on the centre mound and the rim.  This results in G3 (mound) and D3 (rim) notes that sound virtually identical to a modern hand pan instrument. 



This bowl is quite light and has a shallow form that flares out towards the rim.  There is a raised mound at its centre and a matching depression underneath.  Its hammered walls have been worn sensually smooth over the centuries.


This rare antique Talking or Water Spirit Bowl with interesting percussive abilities is in superb structural condition, clean and free of stains, and has the fabulous patina of long use and antiquity.


A rare opportunity to acquire a truly unique antique shaman bowl!


A large Tibetan silk brocade bowl cushion and a double-ended teak and suede ringer are included in the price.


Listen: (3 struck notes and multiple struck notes)