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Rare and Extremely Low Bb1 & F3 Concert Pitch Notes

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Rare Old Ultabati Singing & Fountain Bowl.   B & F Notes (Crown & Heart Chakras)
Weight 5 lb 5 oz (2.5 kilos).   32 x 15 cm (approx. 12 ¾ x 6 inches)


This is a superb old Ultabati singing bowl with an astonishing vocal range and considerable vibrational energy.  It features not one, but two unique voices…a rare and extremely low and virtually concert pitch 1st Octave B Flat fundamental note when struck with a padded mallet, and a fantastic concert pitch 3rd Octave F when played around the rim with a suede ringer.  This wonderful F note is also sometimes present as an overtone to the fundamental…simply beautiful.  With a little water inside it will also readily produce fountains.


With a 12 ¾ inch diameter and weighing 2 ½ kilos this huge, handsome and heavy bowl is in excellent condition.  It features a superbly mottled external wall with a golden interior and collar, a slightly downward-sloping lip, and a series of concentric circles on the inside floor and just below the collar.


Ultabati singing bowls of this size, weight and quality are extremely rare, and the excellent and clean condition of this one suggests that it has served some ceremonial or musical purpose during its lifetime.


Note: Audio clips coming soon.




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