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Rare Tibetan Lingam Singing Bowl – A Collector’s Piece, Reduced

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Rare Tibetan Lingam Singing Bowl.   B & F Notes (Crown & Heart Chakras)
Weight 1 lb 6 ¾ oz (643g).   18 x 5 cm (approx. 7 x 2 inches)


This extremely old and rare medium-size antique Lingam Singing Bowl will be of particular interest to specialist collectors.  It is an excellent example of the older shallow form of bowl in which the lingam is centered on a subtly raised mound that fills the floor of the bowl.  The small button-shaped lingam is surrounded and defined by two inscribed circles, as is the perimeter of the mound.  The inside of the bowl is smooth, golden, and sensual.


This bowl has a lovely shape.  Underneath it has a relatively large flat bottom with a small navel at its centre surrounded by some original forging marks that are sometimes found on older bowls of this type.  The finely hammered walls rise in a gentle curve towards the rim and a grooved lip, while the outer rim is decorated with a simply incised collar.


The fundamental note of this bowl is a low third octave B when struck with a padded mallet, while the rim note is a particularly nice fifth octave F sharp when played with a wooden ringer.



There is a small but stable hairline fracture on the lower inside wall that is only apparent on close inspection (originally unnoticed by us) and appears to have no discernable effect on the quality of sound, which is excellent.  However, this imperfection slightly mars an otherwise superb specimen, and I feel that a price reduction is in order.  This rare bowl will therefore represent excellent value, indeed a bargain, to those unconcerned with this fairly commonplace cosmetic issue.


A particularly nice feature of this bowl is its antique gold colour, and the ancient patina to its outer surface contributes to the look and feel of great antiquity.   A small padded striker and a double-ended teak and suede ringer are included in the price.


Listen (2 struck notes and a played note)