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Large Ultabati OM Singing & Fountain Bowl – Low E Note

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Old Himalayan Ultabati Singing & Fountain Bowl.   E Note (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Weight 5 lb 4 ¼ oz (2.4 kilos).   30 x 15 cm (approx. 12 x 6 inches)


This is a Huge and spectacular old Ultabati singing bowl with a wonderful and very low fundamental 2nd octave E flat note.  The note is essentially the same whether struck or played around the rim with a heavy suede ringer, but other subtle overtones are always present.  It sounds incredible when struck with a really heavy padded mallet or beater of the type illustrated, so I’ll include it in the price.  With a little water inside, this bowl will also produce amazing fountains…but it’s the sound that’s memorable!


This Ultabati bowl has massive vibrational energy that can be felt physically, even after falling silent.  Old singing bowls of this size and quality are extremely rare, and the excellent and clean condition of this one suggests that it has served some ceremonial or musical purpose during its lifetime.


It has the classic Ultabati caldron-like form with its fine walls and thick out-turned downward-sloping lip.  The golden splayed and incised collar contrasts beautifully with the black surface of the outer basin, while its smooth golden interior features a series of concentric circles at its centre.  This is a very handsome and impressive bowl with unique sonic qualities.


A large brocade bowl cushion, a heavy teak and suede ringer, and the padded mallet featured in the photograph are all included in the price.


Listen (2 struck notes and a played note)


Note: As this is an unusually heavy bowl there will be a surcharge to cover the additional cost of shipping and insurance to destinations outside the UK.  Overseas buyers will later be invoiced at cost for any shipping and insurance shortfall (estimated to be around $100 to USA and Canada).