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Antique Magical Shaman Guru Mala

Rare Antique Shaman Guru Mala with Bells, Boar Tusks and Amulet

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Antique Magical Shaman Guru Mala


This rare antique Shaman Guru Mala comes from the Magar people who live in the foothills of Eastern Nepal.  The carved wooden figure at its centre represents the shaman or their Guru (spiritual teacher), usually an ancestor. 



The mala is composed of sets of 3 sacred 5-sided Rudraksha seeds (representing Shiva in his form as teacher) separated by tiny green glass beads, wild boar tusks, copper beads, and some really lovely antique bronze bells.



The mala’s Guru or God Bead, in this case a bell, is separated from the necklace by a small unknown amulet that has been tightly bound in red thread, and an elongated lead or bronze bead.



This Mala probably dates from the 1800s and is in excellent museum quality condition.  It weighs 335 grams (11 ¾ oz) and its closed length is approximately 48cm (19 inches).


A very rare and highly collectable antique Shaman Guru Mala!