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Tibetan Jambati Singing & Fountain Bowl – Huge, Heavy & Handsome

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Antique Jambati Singing and Fountain Bowl.  D & A Notes (Sacral & Third Eye Chakras)
Weight 4 lb 12 ¼ oz (2.16 kilos).   27 x 13 cm (approx. 10 ½ x 5 ¼ inches)

This is a huge, heavy and handsome deep-bodied antique Jambati Singing Bowl in superb condition.  When struck with a padded mallet it has a wonderful low and enduring third octave D fundamental…certainly one of the very best sounding bowls in our Jambati collection.  It sings the same D3 when played around the rim with a heavy suede ringer BUT when played with a hard wooden ringer the rim note becomes a pure and powerful middle A.    Most bowls usually have one note, the fundamental or the rim, that sounds better than the other, but this is an exception as both are equally excellent.  Furthermore this is a fantastic fountain bowl…splashy, noisy and bursting with vitality.

At well over 2 kilos this is a large heavy bowl to hold and play for any length of time, but is easy to play with the bowl on a cushion because it’s weight holds it steadily in place.

The bowl is very well constructed and in good clean condition for its age.  It has the classic curved Jambati  high wall form and a lovely profile.  It has a nice level lip and typical decorative banding forming a collar below the rim, and a pair of engraved concentric circles inside the basin.  There are some subtle hammer markings on the external walls that catch the light and add surface interest to this handsome antique bowl, which has a clean bright golden colour.  This is a remarkable and impressive Jambati singing bowl by any standard.


An exceptional top quality antique bowl with 2 wonderful voices!  A collector’s bowl!

A large brocade bowl cushion, a heavy suede ringer, and a smaller double-ended teak and suede ringer are included in the price.


Listen (1 struck note and 2 played notes with suede and wood ringers)



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