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Antique Tibetan Thadobati Singing Bowl – Ancient & Characterful!

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17th - 18th Century Tibetan Singing & Fountain Bowl.  B Note (Crown Chakra)
Weight 3 lb 0 ¾ oz (1.38 kilos).   20 x 10 cm (approx. 8 x 4 inches)


Rare Tibetan Thadobati Singing BowlIt will be hard to part with this singing bowl…it’s one of the most interesting in our collection, and a personal favourite.  Part of the appeal is that it just looks so old and not at all like most of the other singing bowls.  I particularly like its thick steep high-sided walls that flare out at the top, and the unusual outward-sloping angle of its heavy lip.  And I like the smear of decorative banding that once formed a collar below the rim, but is now worn smooth from countless years of use.


The same can be said for the grooved lip and the incised circles that once decorated the floor of the basin and are now barely visible.  This is a superbly crafted singing bowl that has bags of character and the look and feel of great antiquity.  It’s in excellent condition too…with barely a mark or blemish to show its age.  And it has the most lovely antique golden bronze colour.  The interior is particularly nice…a rich yellowy gold that glows brightly from years and years of hand cleaning and polishing.


And now to its sound…a beautiful low third octave B whether struck with a padded mallet or played around the rim with a ringer.  And, with a little water inside, this old bowl will readily produce great fountains.


Simply Superb!


Listen (1 struck note and 2 played notes with suede and wooden ringers)



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