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Jambati Singing & Fountain Bowl – Golden Perfection!

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Jambati Singing, Talking & Fountain Bowl.  B & F Notes (Crown & Heart Chakras)
Weight 3 lb 7 ¼ oz (1.57 kilos).   22 ½ x 11 cm (approx. 8 ¾ x 4 ¼ inches)


This amazing large medium-weight Jambati ticks all the boxes…it sings, it talks, and it fountains!  It has a wonderful voice, and is surely one of the prettiest Jambati bowls in our collection…it’s certainly has the most golden interior!   It is superbly forged, with fine even gently-curved walls and a nice lip with a simple decorative band below the outer rim.  The interior is smooth and has a lovely rich golden colour, while the outer walls are slightly darker and have attractive hammer markings.  This is an old bowl but it’s condition is fantastic, with barely the slightest blemish in sight.


This is a multi-harmonic bowl that sings a low fundamental second octave B accompanied by an F sharp overtone when struck with a padded mallet.  The B gradually moves to an F during its extremely long sustain.   When played around the rim with a suede or wooden ringer the note is a sonorous and powerful mid octave F sharp.  We cannot speak more highly of this amazingly versatile antique Jambati bowl!


Listen (1 struck note and 2 played notes with suede and wooden ringers)