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Jambati Singing & Fountain Bowl – Pristine & Versatile!

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Jambati Singing and Fountain Bowl. G & E Notes (Throat & Solar Plexus Chakras)
Weight 4 lb 8 oz (2.04 kilos).   27 x 12 ¼ cm (approx. 10 ¾ x 5 inches)


This large and beautiful antique Tibetan Jambati bowl has been so well cared for it’s in pristine condition, with barely a hint of use despite its considerable age.  It has been beautifully and evenly forged, and has the most attractive hammer markings over its entire surface, both inside and out.


At over 2 kilos and with a diameter of nearly 11 inches this is a big bowl with a big sound…a powerful and low fundamental second octave G sharp with a long sustain.  This bowl is multi-harmonic and the fundamental G is sometimes accompanied by an even lower 1st octave and/or a second or third octave E flat undertone.  It sings the same superb G note when played around the rim with a suede ringer, but if a wooden one is used the note becomes a good mid octave E flat.  With a little water inside this bowl is also capable of producing interesting surface ripples and fountains.


There’s not a lot more you could ask of a Jambati bowl…great looks, wonderful condition, an excellent voices, and fountains.  This bowl ticks all the boxes!


Listen (1 struck note and 2 played notes with suede and wooden ringers)


Note: The struck note in the recording puts emphasis on the E flat note, but in reality the stuck note is a clear 2nd octave G sharp.



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