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Inscribed and Engraved Antique Singing Bowls


Only a small percentage of antique singing bowls carry inscriptions.  They are found on all bowl types but are more commonly seen on Thadobati, Manipuri, Jambati and Naga or Chalice bowls.   Inscribed bowls tend to be superior quality and in a better state of preservation than average, probably because of their ceremonial status and the high esteem in which a former keeper held them.


Inscriptions can be the owner or maker’s name, a sacred mantra, or a dedication to a temple or a deity such as Kali, but rarely a date. Inscriptions can be added at any time in a bowl’s life and a date, if present, would anyway likely relate to the dedication and not the bowl’s age.  Important bowls may carry several inscriptions, sometimes made years apart.  Click here for more information >

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Fabulous 12-Piece Chakra Set of Large Antique 3rd to 4th Octave Lingam Singing Bowls


Notes F#3, G3, G#3, A3, Bb3, B3, C4, C#4, D4, Eb4, E4 (2) and F4

Extremely Rare Antique 4th Octave Set of 9 Lingam Singing Bowls


Notes C#4, D4, E4, F4, F#4, G4, G#4, A4 and B4

Rare Medium Antique Lingam Singing Bowl – D4/Eb4 - Inscription

Antique Lingam Singing Bowl.  Notes: D4/Eb4 (Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras)
Weight 537 grams (1 lb 3 oz).   Size 15.5 x 7.5 cm (6 x 3 inches)

Rare Large 9 ¼” Antique Lingam Singing Bowl – C#3 & cpF#5 - Inscription

Antique Lingam Singing Bowl.  Notes: C#3 & F#5 (Root & Heart Chakras)
Weight 1.55 kilos (3 lb 6 ½ oz).   Size 23 x 10 cm (9 ¼ x 4 inches) 

Superior Large Antique Naga Singing & Healing bowl – Superb C4 – Illustrated Inscription

Antique Naga Singing Bowl.  Note C4 & F5 (Root & Heart Chakras)

Weight 1.15 kilos (2 lb 8 ½  oz).  Size 18 x 12.5 cm (7 x 5 inches)

Unusual Antique Singing Bowl – B3 & Powerful F#5 - Inscribed

Antique Singing Bowl.  Notes B3 & F#5 (Crown & Heart Chakras)
Weight 703 grams (1lb 8 ¾ oz).   Size 20 x 7.5 cm (approx. 7 ¾ x 3 inches)

Extraordinary Large Hand-Forged & Inscribed Ceremonial Mandala Bowl – Simply Unique!

Ceremonial Lotus Mandala Bowl.   Note C#4 (283Hz) Root Chakra

Weight 1.57 kilo (3 lb 7 ¼ oz).  Size 24.5 x 6.5 cm (9 ½ x 2 ½ inches)

Superb Rare SET OF 6 LARGE 4th Octave Antique Naga Singing Bowls – 3 Inscribed

Antique Naga Singing Bowl Set of 6.   B4/C#4/D4/Eb4/E4/G4

Average Weight 0.94 kilos (2 lb 2 oz).  Average Diameter 13.25 cm (6.58 inches)

Rare Mustard Gold C4 Antique Lingam Singing Bowl - Inscriptions

Antique Lingam Singing Bowl.   C4 (266Hz) Root Chakra

Weight 2 lb 6¼ oz. (1.09 kilos).   Size 18.5 x 9.5 cm (approx. 7¼ x 3¾ inches)

Unusual Tibetan Singing & Talking Bowl – E Note & Insc

Unusual Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl.  E Note (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Weight 1 lb 9 ½ oz (723g).   17 x 9 cm (approx. 6 ¾ x 3 ½ inches)