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Notes C#4, D4, E4, F4, F#4, G4, G#4, A4 and B4

Extremely Rare Antique 4th Octave Set of 9 Lingam Singing Bowls

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Notes C#4, D4, E4, F4, F#4, G4, G#4, A4 and B4


This is an extremely rare 4th octave set of 9 antique Lingam Singing and Healing Bowls.  Antique Lingam bowls have distinctive physical and sonic qualities, and are used in sacred and ritual ceremonies.  They are so rare that most singing bowl collectors and practitioners will never have encountered or handled a single bowl, so one can only imagine how special this set of nine is.



These lingam bowls have diameters between 5 and 6 ¾ inches and have been personally matched as far as possible by age (18th and 19th Century), condition, shape, octave and pitch.  They all feature lingams at their centre and a matching navel or yoni underneath, and have been tuned to the fundamental note when struck with a suede-covered wooden ringer.  In most cases the played rim note is the same.  Two of the bowls (F#4 and G4) are perfect pitch, while another (A4) has ritual gashes and an inscription.



All are in excellent structural condition and basically unblemished, but with some being cleaner or having a more aged patina than others.  Each bowl is supplied with a cushion and ringer.


Bowl 1. C#4 note (274Hz), 6 ¾ inches, 816 grams.

Bowl 2. D4 note (300Hz), 5 ¼ inches, 353 grams.

Bowl 3. E4 note (330Hz), 5 ½ inches, 482 grams

Bowl 4. F4 note (344Hz), 5 ¾ inches, 602 grams.

Bowl 5. F#4 note (370Hz), 5 ¾ inches, 567 grams, concert pitch

Bowl 6. G4 note (392Hz), 5 ¼ inches, 544 grams, concert pitch

Bowl 7. G#4 note (421Hz), 5 ¾ inches, 521 grams

Bowl 8. A4 note (452Hz), 5 inches, 440 grams, ritual gashes , inscription

Bowl 9. B4 note (485Hz), 5 inches, 504 grams


NOTE: A complete chromatic or Chakra set consists of 7 notes (C,D,E,F,G,A,B) or 12 if you include the sharps and flats (Eb,F#,G#,Bb).  If a 12-piece set is desired, it might be possible to add the missing C4, Eb4 and bb4 separately as and when they become available. Please check the website.

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