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Singing Bowl Sets


Antique singing bowls are never found in sets at source in the Himalayas.  They have to be expertly created from scratch, and it is as much an art as a science to assemble a group of seemingly random bowls of a particular kind into a harmonically balanced set that is matched for note, pitch, octave, size, condition, ease of play, and any number of other factors.  One may need to sort though a thousand or more Thadobati or Jambati bowls to create a single Chakra Set of distinction, and a matched set of rare antique Lingam bowls may take ten or more years to complete.  Click here for more information about Singing Bowl Sets.


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A Rare Set of 3 Antique Manipuri Lotus Singing Bowls – A3, D4 & C5

Antique Manipuri Lotus Singing Bowls. Notes D4, C5, A3 (Sacral, Root & Third Eye Chakras)

Diameters 15, 15 & 11.5 cm (6 & 4 ½ inches)

Extremely Rare 17th Century Mounded Set of 3 Ceremonial Singing Bowls

Rare Antique Set of 3 Singing Bowls.   Notes A2. F3, F#3

Total Weight 1 lb 12 ¾ oz. (818 grams).   Diameters 5, 4 ½ and 7 ¾ inches

Rare SET OF 4 LARGE 3rd Octave Naga Singing and Healing Bowls

Naga Singing Bowl Set of 4.   G#3/A3/Bb3/B3

Average Weight 0.93 kilos (2 lb 1 oz).  Average Diameter 17.25 cm (6.69 inches)

Superb Rare SET OF 6 LARGE 4th Octave Antique Naga Singing Bowls – 3 Inscribed

Antique Naga Singing Bowl Set of 6.   B4/C#4/D4/Eb4/E4/G4

Average Weight 0.94 kilos (2 lb 2 oz).  Average Diameter 13.25 cm (6.58 inches)