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Singing Bowls under £150 (about $200)


Make no mistake, it is still possible to buy a decent antique singing bowl with a great voice for less than £150.00 or $200.00, but you will probably have to compromise on bowl type, size, volume, octave, bowl uniqueness, and perhaps cosmetic appearance…some, but not all of these!  I’ll deal with each in turn.


Inexpensive bowls are likely to be small Thadobati and Manipuri bowls.  Small bowls are quieter than big bowls, and they sing in higher octaves.  They are unlikely to have unique features such as inscriptions, and their original decorative features, if any, may be faint and worn down.  However, they will be affordable, their looks will still charm, and their sound may still be exquisite!  There’s nothing much wrong with a small bowl if you choose wisely…as you can see, we have quite a few ourselves!


If you are new to singing bowls, or perhaps considering buying one as a gift, you may find it useful to read our \'How to Choose a Singing Bowl\' article here before making a decision.



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