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Antique Bronze Temple Shrine Bell – Eb6 (1233Hz)

Size: 6 ¼ x 4 ½ inches (16 x 11 cm). Weight:  2 lb 0 oz (914 grams)

Authentic Antique Bronze Temple Hanging Shrine Bell from Nepal

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Antique Bronze Temple Shrine Bell – Eb6 (1233Hz)

Size: 6 ¼ x 4 ½ inches (16 x 11 cm). Weight:  2 lb 0 oz (914 grams)


This heavy antique bronze bell or ghanta is of a type found hanging by a shrine inside a Buddhist or Hindu Temple. 



It has probably hung beside or over a shrine for hundreds of years and been rung daily by countless worshipers.  The rung note is a loud and clear sixth octave Eb6 (1233Hz) with a nice sustain.



Shrine bells are occasionally renewed as their hanging rings wear thin, and sometimes a shrine might be destroyed or abandoned and their bells end up in an antique shop.  I bought this one from an antique dealer in Kathmandu, Nepal, about 40 years ago. 


All shrine bells are individually cast and are therefore unique.  This ancient bronze bell is structurally sound but with some wear to the top from which it was suspended, as might be expected after perhaps many centuries of use.  It is supplied as found with all its thick patina of grime and its life-story intact.


Antique bronze shrine bells like this are few and far between, and are highly prized by religious practitioners, shaman, yogis, healers and sound therapists, as well as collectors.


When you buy, handle, and ring this antique temple bell you can be confident that it is a genuine and revered holy instrument that has played an important part in countless sacred rituals and ceremonies for at least 100 years. It is an interesting object in its own right, with the look and feel of great antiquity…but perhaps more importantly, when it is rung one can sense, or imagine, the spiritual energy, power and purpose with which it is imbued, and the present ineffably connects to the past.

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