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Rare Antique Shaman Phurba – Length12 inches (30.5 cm)

Rare 19th Century Shaman Phurba With Animal Motifs

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Rare Antique Shaman Phurba – Length12 inches (30.5 cm)


This rare Phurba dates from the 19th century and is of a type favoured by Himalayan Shaman for healing and energetic work. 



Carved in rosewood it features the 3 faces of a deity wearing three different headdress, one of which features a trident. Above this is a small crown with an iron pin to which a ring is attached with a multitude of old twisted rags, each torn from the clothing of a client for shamanic ritual healing.


The hilt is carved in the form of a dorje or thunderbolt. It has a small makara above a three-sided blade, the top of which features various symbols including the sun and a snake, and very rare representations of a bird and a frog. Most of the blade has been wrapped in metal to prevent the wood from splitting when the phurba is thrust into the ground. Unusually, the metal has been twisted.  It has the rich patina of antiquity and long use. 


This is a fabulous example of an antique phurba or power tool with several unusual features.

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