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Antique Shaman Singing Bowl.  C#3 (Root Chakra)

Weight 1.07 kilos (2 lb 6 ½ oz).   Size 23 x 5.5 cm (9 ½ x 2 ¼ inches)

Rare Large Antique Shaman Semi-Lingam Singing or Medicine Bowl – C#3 (140Hz)

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Antique Shaman Singing Bowl.  C#3 (Root Chakra)

Weight 1.07 kilos (2 lb 6 ½ oz).   Size 23 x 5.5 cm (9 ½ x 2 ¼ inches)


This rare and beautiful golden antique bowl is of a type often associated with shamanic work; its shallow form making it a suitable receptacle for medicinal preparations, offerings or the presentation of mandalas on ceremonial or ritual occasions.  However, I cannot say with any certainty that any of these were its actual purpose as it also has interesting musical properties.



When struck along the rim with a padded mallet it produces a gong-like third octave C#3 (142Hz) with a longish sustain.  Playing around the rim produces a rather reluctant third octave D3 (144Hz) and it therefore seems unlikely to have been intended for such.  However, the unusual lingam-like mound at its centre does make a complimentary sound to the rim note when struck rhythmically and alternately, suggesting that this bowl has a musical function, although not necessarily its primary one.


What is certain is that this rare and beautiful antique bowl was very deliberately and skillfully fashioned into its unusual shape, and this must surely have been for a reason.  I leave you to speculate!


This bowl is believed to date from the 1800s and is in excellent structural condition, clean and stain-free.  It has been expertly forged and has a flat bottom, flared wall, and a slightly downward-sloping plain rim.  It features a large mound or semi-lingam at its centre, and a matching depression underneath.  There are no visible decorative features.  It has a character all its own and lovely bright golden bronze colour.


A Tibetan silk brocade bowl cushion, padded striker, and a ringer are all included in the price .


Listen: (4 rim struck notes and alternating rim and mound notes using a suede ringer then wood).

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