Bowl Search


Antique Singing Bowls operates a unique bowl search program through which rare and premium quality antique bowls are directly sourced on our behalf during treks in Nepal, Bhutan, India and (recently) Tibet.  Our pro-active approach to bowl collecting has enabled us to discover many fabulous specimens that might never have come to light.  This, coupled with a willingness to pay the highest price at source to secure the best bowls, explains how and why we have so many rare specimens in our collection.   For example, we currently have over 100 rare antique lingam bowls (not all are on the website) while a search of the Internet will result in less than dozen for sale worldwide!


We are pleased to extend our bowl search program to our customers, some of whom are seeking a particular bowl form in a certain size or note to complete their collection.  We have successfully located a number of extremely rare museum quality bowls for clients around the world, and are currently assembling a ‘World Class’ set of large perfect pitch Jambati bowls for a UK musician, and endeavoring to complete a 3 octave set of specimen lingam bowls for a US collector.   We are also close to completing a rare 'matched set' of large premium quality Lingam bowls...the like of which may never be seen again!


Our Bowl Search Service is confined to rare and premium or museum quality specimens. Please let us know if you are searching for a particular singing bowl type, size or sound - we may be able to help.  Some of our best finds are sold privately and never appear on the website.