for Relaxation, Meditation, Healing, Sound Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Shamanic Practice


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Thadobati Jambati Mani Manipuri Naga/Pedestal









Naga / Pedestal


Lingam Ultabati Remuna Unusual Concert Pitch
Lingam Ultabati Remuna Unusual Concert Pitch


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The vast majority of Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls here are from our own private collection.  They include many of our personal favorites selected at source in the Himalayas over 30 years, and never intended for sale.  All are hand-forged and superior quality, with wonderful resonant and healing tones and multiple harmonics.  Some date from the 16th century and are incredibly rare.  Others are spectacular ‘talking’ or ‘fountain’ bowls…play them with a little water inside and listen and watch with amazement as they spring to life and communicate their unique gifts!


Every one of these rare and beautiful ancient bowls is special…with superlative sound and the look and feel of age and use.  Be guided by your intuition and choose one of these wonderful antique gems now, before your favorite goes…you will not be disappointed!  Testimonials

Antique Singing Bowls – The Book


Fred Wilkinson is currently writing a book ‘Antique Singing Bowls.’ It will focus on the various types of hand-forged antique Tibetan and Himalayan singing bowl and their unique physical and sonic characteristics, and offer practical guidance on choosing, playing, and collecting rare antique singing bowls.  It will be extensively illustrated with photographs of bowls from this private collection.  If you would like to receive advance notice of its publication please subscribe to our occasional newsletter here.